Our Safety Policy

The Arrimour Group holds safety as a top priority of doing business and is one of our Core Values. . As a state safety certified company we believe that Safety is paramount to a healthy company.

To ensure the effectiveness of Safety, The Arrimour Group has made provisions for the establishment of a Safety Committee. Working closely with our insurance carrier, The Arrimour Group is committed to safety.

The function of our Safety Committee is as follows..

  • See that the safety policy is developed and adhered to.
  • Act as a liaison between management and operating personnel.
  • Conduct timely safety inspections.
  • Investigate and review all accidents.
  • Suggest safety topics for the tailgate meetings.
  • Hold monthly meetings to administer the program and make improvements.
  • All employees are required to attend safety meetings and input their ideas and suggestions.

Safety training, uniforms, clean lettered vehicles and equipment, well maintained facilities, a full service shop and a fully staffed office allow us to start each and every day with a professional and organized approach.

This culture flows into our ever changing work day. We are better prepared to overcome weather conditions, client requests, environmental pressures, and mechanical issues with a well trained safe staff.

The Arrimour Group, Landscape Services
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